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Integrity Management Services

RCP has earned a worldwide reputation for providing high-quality, highly effective integrity management services to the energy industry. Our senior staff has decades of experience, which has given us a broad, deep understanding of the operational integrity issues our clients face.

As a result, RCP offers a comprehensive range of services including program development, HCA analysis, class location, auditing and compliance verification as well as implementation assistance and ongoing, long-term support for both Hazardous Liquid and Natural Gas pipeline systems.

Our auditing and compliance verification process has a proven track record assisting clients in identifying gaps and preparing them for state and federal inspections. RCP also provides audit support during agency inspections.

Program Development & Maintenance RCP has assisted with over 150 Pipeline Integrity Management Programs, including the development of complete programs for companies ranging from small private operating companies and industrial facilities to Fortune 500 oil & gas companies. Over 80 Pipeline Integrity Management Plans developed by RCP have been audited by PHMSA or state agencies, and all of them successfully passed.

HCA Analysis RCP developed its own HCA model to identify segments along a hazardous liquid or natural gas transmission pipeline that could affect a High Consequence Area in accordance with 49 CFR §192.903 and §195.452. RCP’s final reports for gas pipelines include detailed findings, calculations regarding Potential Impact Radius (PIR), and maps showing HCAs. For liquid pipelines, final report calculations and maps show NPMS identified HCAs, pipeline centerline location and hazard buffers generated from the air dispersion analysis; overland flow analysis and/or a waterborne transport analysis, as applicable, capable of affecting that HCA and identification of any further action required relative to the DOT/PHMSA’s pipeline integrity management rules.

Class Location RCP developed a Class Location model ideal for all sizes and lengths of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines. Using a sophisticated geospatial model that works with existing structure and pipeline data to produce clear, easy-to-read maps and tables that are customizable to meet customer needs, RCP is capable of providing efficient, repeatable, and thoroughly documented results.

Spill Modeling The RCP Overland Flow Model analyzes spill directions, volumes, and distances in the event of a pipeline rupture. The Flow Model automatically calculates the volume of a spill at any point on the pipeline, using a given response time and flow rate. From the spill point, the Flow Model combines elevation, soil type, drainage patterns, and stream flow data together to determine the path of the spill. If the spill intersects any unusually sensitive areas or navigable waterways, a report is generated listing the applicable intersections. If the spill intersects a waterway or drainage, the Flow Model will track the spill downstream and predict its flow path based on a given response time, spill volume, and hydrographic data. The water borne transport analysis utilizes the methodology found in 40 CFR 112 Attachment C-III. This analysis will consider transport on flowing waterways, transport on lakes or ponds, and transport on tidal influenced areas as appropriate. By using the HCA Trace function in the Spill Model, each affected area can be traced back to a specific spill point on the pipeline. The spill points will be aggregated to determine pipeline covered segments.

GIS and Mapping Services RCP has a dedicated GIS and mapping department to assist customers in conducting high consequence area (HCA) identifications, risk assessments, class location analysis, underwater inspections, NPMS/RRC submittals, as well as other spatial analysis projects. RCP is a Platinum Esri Business Partner which allows RCP to provide a better service to our clients with access to a larger knowledge base of Esri and related products, including the complete suite of ArcGIS products. RCP GIS and mapping services include Pipeline & Instrument Drawings, Survey Interpretation. Cartography & Custom Mapping, Land Mapping, Aerial Photography and Presentation Materials.

Ongoing Integrity Management Support Services RCP offers a wide range of ongoing integrity management services, ranging from Integrity Management Methods Implementation and Baseline Integrity Assessments - which includes developing criteria for determining repair and remediation actions, identifying preventative and mitigation methods, determining assessment methodology, and assessment prioritization selection criteria - to anomaly tracking, ILI project management, and data integration/analysis.